Hajira Jabeen

Has a broad international experience in teaching, management and research

Dr. Hajira Jabeen has broad international experience in teaching, management and research. She is a Senior Researcher in the Smart Data Analytics research group and leads the ‘Distributed Semantics Analytics’ competence area, which explores development of scalable analytics and algorithms for Linked Data applications based on Apache Spark and Apache Flink in order to deal with large scale datasets by distributing the computational tasks in memory. She is actively involved in teaching, conducting seminars and labs related to Big Data Analytics at the University of Bonn. Hajira also worked as the technical work package lead for developing the Big Data Integrator Platform in H2020-CSA BigDataEurope. At the moment, she is working with H2020 project Big Data Ocean as Architecture Expert. Hajira received her Ph.D in 2010, from the National University of Computing and Emerging Sciences NUCES-FAST. She served as an Assistant Professor at the Iqra University Isb, Pakistan, from 2009-2014. In 2014–2015 Hajira served as an Assistant Lecturer at IT University of Copenhagen. Hajira contributed her research efforts (2015–2016) at the Agile Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web (AKSW) at the Leipzig University as a postdoctoral researcher.